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Kathleen Taylor, Antique Textile Expert

As the leading source for decorative antique textiles in the United States, we offer high quality antique European, Asian, and Ethnic textiles including tapestries and other wall hangings, pillows, table covers and general textiles.

What Makes Kathleen Taylor-The Lotus Collection a Good Source?

Exclusive Collection

Hand selected by Kathleen for their quality, visual interest, and condition our textiles come from many parts of the world, including Africa Asia, and Europe. Kathleen uses her 30 years of experience and knowledge about textile production and tradition in these parts of the world to bring these unique textiles to you. If textiles could talk they would tell interesting stories about how they were made, used, and treasured by the families who used them. Kathleen is delighted to share their stories on their behalf.

Only The Highest Quality

We choose our textiles for their good condition, visual quality, historic significance, and ability to be re-used. If we have a textile in our inventory that was purchased as an example of a type of textile and not for re-use, we will advise of such. This kind of textile is referred to as a document and often is what museums and collectors will purchase.

Personal Inventory Concierge

The Lotus Collection is proud to offer concierge services to assist your search for the exact piece to add to your collection or complete your design vision. For design purposes, we need you to tell us how the textile is to be used and the desired size.

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Main Banner: Photographer - Scott VanDyke
Main Banner: Designer - Patton Design Studio
Secondary Photo: Photographer - Roger Davies
Secondary Photo: Designe - Douglas Durkin Design

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